Boxes according to FEFCO Standards

FEFCO 0201 Standard Box All the covers of the standard box are the same size. The outer covers merge in the middle of the box. The distance between the inner doors varies depending on the box size ratio. Many products are packaged. If it is desired to protect the floors better, a suitable piece is placed in the space between the box covers. This method is used to eliminate the difference in the level of the box base, especially in boxes in which multiple products are produced. In such cases, box 204 which is less economical may also be used. FEFCO 0202 Double Sided Box The difference from the standard box is that all the cover lengths are kept long in the specified dimensions and the outer covers are overlapped. This solution, which is another way of making the gap between the top covers economical in terms of production and use, is often used as packaging for heavy products. Otherwise, the bottom of the box will not come parallel to the ground creates problems in the stack. The covers of these types are usually closed by wire stitching. FEFCO 0203 Full Cover Box This type, in which the box outer covers are fully overlapped, is resistant to collapse. Boxes are usually narrow in size and stacked on the side of the face. FEFCO 0215 Pass-Based Box This box, which is a type of molded box, is generally considered as consumer packaging because of its lower and upper lids that are locked when it is closed in a certain order without the need of tape. Addition is usually done in the box-producing company. FEFCO 0301 Telescopic Pan Molded or produced as standard, these pans are shipped flat. Once installed, the corners are glued or stitched by the user. It is widely used in cut flower packaging in our country. FEFCO 0320 Telescopic Box Two 0200-coded one-way box with the face of the box face to face on the face is formed by passing. Generally, inner and outer boxes are produced from different corrugated cardboard. Double layer cardboard thickness on the side walls ensures that the box is durable. These types, especially used as citrus packaging, are produced as resistant to moisture by using various auxiliary materials in the double boxes, even on some faces, since the crumb value of the box decreases due to external factors such as climatic conditions, stowage and shipment. Outside boxes are usually produced with white or marbled paper on the liner. Especially the loss of crushed value caused by pressures on large surfaces decreases in this box type. FEFCO 0350 – 0351 Bulk Bin They are used in the packaging of granular and powdered products. Shaped with octagonal pans on the bottom and top of the octagonal tubular side walls, this box can carry very large loads due to its geometric form. It is moved by the pallet and fixed to the pallet by strapping. In the case of powdered products, a large plastic bag is used. FEFCO 0409 One Piece Telescopic Box This box, which is usually closed in automatic filling machines, is multi-purpose. Pack many products from durable consumer goods to meat. It is resistant to stacking. FEFCO 0422 Frying Pan This pan, which is a kind of molded box, is used in closed form with other types and it is extremely durable when it is used in telescopic form by hand. Usually bottle, jar etc. Products used for pan; by adding ventilation and handles. used as packaging of fruits. FEFCO 0451 Four Point Sealing Pan Produced by the mold, the four corners are glued flat after being glued. They can also be used as cover by combining with other types. They are very easy to install and are widely used as durable consumer goods and food packaging. FEFCO 0460 Automatic Filling Pan It is used in the packaging of products such as pans, drinks and soft drinks. It is an economic type that is very common to use. FEFCO 0713 Crash Based Box Molded, splicing and bonding to the base, are delivered as flat boxes. They are usually produced with single-wave boards. They are used as consumer packaging. The base of the box before the use of the corners of the corner is pushed automatically. They do not require additional material for closing. They are the indispensable type of offset printing boxes and they are used in the packaging of glass and other sensitive products. FEFCO 0900 INTERMEDIATE PART Corrugated cardboard is the part placed to fill the gap between the top covers of the boxes. FEFCO 0901 – 0902 – 0903 Partition Corrugated cardboard is flat sheets that divide the box horizontally and vertically. FEFCO 0904 Environmental Reinforcement Strengthening the side surfaces of the corrugated board, stacking resistance

FEFCO 0904 Environmental Reinforcement strong>
Corrugated cardboard boxes are reinforced parts in accordance with the inner dimensions of the box in order to strengthen the side surfaces and provide stacking resistance. The grooves of these reinforcements are always parallel to the slotter rollers.
FEFCO 0933 Separator strong>
The separator material used in the corrugated cardboard boxes and produced as many pieces as desired. It provides the products that need to be packed individually in the same packaging with protective eyes.
FEFCO 0970 Corner Reinforcement strong>
Reinforce the corners of corrugated boxes.
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