Corrugated Cardboard Ondulated

Usually used in the packaging of large products in the furniture industry. A layer of corrugated paper and a sheet of plain paper are bonded together.

It is the name given to the plate composed of two paper, which is glued on one side of the corrugated paper. It is a one-sided offset printed board produced from various wave types. It forms the backbone or foundation of corrugated boards.

Corrugated Cardboards are produced as Wave C Wave E Wave and F Waves. It is generally used in the protection and shipment of high volume and large products, as winding and packaging material.

With corrugation; The manufacturers of furniture companies, vehicle spare parts, building companies, aluminum profile companies and many other manufacturers are protected and protected by the cores.

It forms the basis of corrugated cardboard. The single side corrugated board can be described as corrugated board formed by coating only one face of the corrugated sheet with flat layer.

The one-sided offset printed from various wave types is printed carton. Corrugated cardboard is produced by sticking paper on two sides. Corrugated cardboards are produced by the waveform of wave wave. Ondule is usually used for the packaging of large and high quality products. For this reason, furniture is the choice of companies. Since we can be used as winding and packaging materials for the protection and transportation of big products, vehicle spare part companies prefer aluminum profile companies and many other companies.

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