Master Flex Printing

Masterflex printed boxes are used in products that require more visualization. Due to the production process of the boxes made by the offset printing technique and the formation of the box by traveling 4 machines, the masterflex boxes are more resistant, they are cheaper and their visuals are the same. In addition, solvent-based ink is used in offset-printed boxes and water-based paints are used in the masterflex boxes, which are completely natural and which are human health friendly.

We all know that all the products sold in discount markets that change our way of shopping are exhibited in boxes. Most of the products sold in these markets are masterflex printed boxes. Because the visuality of the cartons in which they exhibit the product is also very important for them.

On the other hand, the food products shipped to the Middle East go to the masterflex printed boxes because of the sympathy of the market for the region.

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