Flexo Printed Corrugated Carton

Masterflex printed boxes are of very high visual quality. With this technique, which can be printed up to 7 colors, it is possible to obtain visual quality very close to offset printing. The masterflex layers have two different modes of production.

The first method is to print on corrugated cardboard layers coated with direct chroma cardboard as in flexo printing, and the second method is to form a sheet on the corrugated machine after the printing on chroma cardboard as in offset production.

Masterflex boxes are less costly than offset boxes. However, low print quality is low as the cost is much higher. In addition, solvent-based ink is used in offset-printed boxes and water-based paints are used in the masterflex boxes, which are completely natural and which are human health friendly.

Masterfleks Printed Corrugated Cardboard Box Carton
Hanging Carton