Istanbul Corrugated Cardboard

Corrugated cardboard production process, the type and amount of cardboard to be produced according to the cardboard, and the fluting of paper, taken from the paper warehouse is inserted into the corrugated machine begins. Single-wave corrugated board is the most important unit of the mourning part of the single facer group (corrugated machine) consists of many units.

Fluting paper, which is softened in heat and steam preconditioners (pre-conditioner), takes the wave form between the corrugated rollers in the single facer and is corrugated. Immediately after this shaping, glue is applied to the top of the grooves and starch-based glue is applied and preheater (preheater) is heated and prepared to be adhered to liner paper is provided. The one-sided obtained is deposited on the bridge.

Double wave corrugated cardboard producing machines have two single facers. In the ılan double facer ıc (drying) group, which is the second important unit in the mourning section of the corrugated machine, the single-face layer, which is heated and glued to the groove peaks on the other side of the corrugated machine, is obtained by single-layer corrugated cardboard by lining the heated liner in the preheater. In case of double wave, the second one face is added and five fold paper and double wave corrugated cardboard is produced.

Although the glue used in the corrugated machine dry quickly, the corrugated cardboard is dried on the heating pans first, then passes through the seals and dehumidifies and cools. After this point, in the dry part of the corrugated machine, the edge trim of the corrugated board is cut and the longitudinal section is cut in the number of lines as planned, and if desired, the rollers perpendicular to the grooves are discarded.

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