Printed Carton

Printed parcels are custom made up to 3 colors according to the wishes of the companies. Our customers cannot distinguish between flexographic printing technique and offset printing technique. Flexo printing technique is produced with water based inks as mentioned above, and printing is carried out with the help of Tire Kliseler or Cyrel Kliseler, whereas offset printing is different. printing inks are used as ink type, Offset printed boxes and boxes are not applied by Klise but with film. For example, it is possible to obtain one-to-one photo printing of your product optionally in the Offset Printed Boxes and Boxes. For example, mobile phone boxes are produced with offset printing technique, there is no color nerve and color nerve is not required, but in the flexo printing system, color nerve is definitely sought and the color limit is limited to 3 colors. If you want to make a printed box for your company, you must first decide what kind of printing you will need to order on your carton or box, as well as the color issue, so you need to determine how many colors and which toned colors will be used.

For the printed box or box we need to take into account the size of the box, depending on the size of the china we will build the size of the clinic, the larger the printing area of ​​the printed box or the box, the greater the cost of the clinic. Since the cost of the clinic will be a one-time fee, you will not be charged any further costs for your next printed box or box orders, so it is necessary to think well and to calculate well your order in the printed order. It is necessary to take into account the cost of the clinics to be considered when considering the color issue, it should be noted that the number of colors may increase the wage to the clinic, so if the pressure of the product is important, it is important not to pay much attention to this part, otherwise the regret will not benefit and you may have to have another clinic. After deciding what kind of printing will be on the box or box you will do, we will help you forward the graphical work by sending us an e-mail or fax way, we will help the business progress more quickly, we start the graphic works when the image you need to have on your parcel or box to contact us and to confirm the graphical operation we send you the graphic work prepared by our graphic designers by e-mail or fax. After the graphic confirmation stage of the club is finished, we send your products to your address by printing with the kitchens delivered to us by the clinic.

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